Storage tanks

We Offer These Services: 

Storage Of Oil and Gas Products

Taking the petroleum products in the storage, we will preserve the product quality. Entrusting the storage of petroleum products of our company, you receive: a wide selection of individual fuel storage tanks; the absence of mixing of different types of petroleum products by supplying individual fuel pipelines; maintaining the quality of your products; prompt delivery of petroleum products.

Transportation Of Products By Railway

Professionally organize transportation railway transport for any oil products.We transport materials railway transport in accordance with the norms and standards of Netherlands and international law, which ensures complete safety of transportation of petroleum products. We do our best to make our service was comfortable for our clients and mutually beneficial to all parties.

Tran-shipment Of Products In Terminal

Participation in the implementation of the scheme with the installation of oil transshipment in the Kola Bay ULCC “Berge Pioneer”, converted into plavneftehranilische “Belokamenka” and transferred to a 9-year bareboat charter of the Rotterdam-Norwegian joint company. Brokerage and advisory services to the operator Prirazlomnoye oil field, “Shell oil field” related to the acquisition of Hutton topsides TLO, placing an order. 

Renting Out Terminal And Reservoirs

The structure of our fleet consists of reservoirs with a total of up to 450 000 m3. We carry out the programming, reception-release of products via oil terminals at shore tanks. Each tank is equipped with facilities according c industrial safety requirements and has a commercial accounting system that allows remote monitor the status of oil in the tanks (volume of product, of loading height, density, free volume, overflow sensor).

Sale Of High-Quanlity Of Products

High-quality oil products at affordable prices – our proposal to you. By purchasing high quality oil products, you increase the operating life of equipment. When buying oil producer issued a passport, indicating the quality of products and compliance with regulatory guidelines. Laboratory Analysis Of Petroleum Products, Quality control of petroleum products is impossible without accurate and timely analysis.

Tanks Management And Effiecency

Our storage tank farm is independently owned and managed by us in a different section within our company ,  ‘’Alfashippingandlogistics” storage tank farm is jointly owned or operate by different department in line with other tank farm companies in different countries where we operate. The  management charges all oil companies or refineries the necessary bills for storage and handling their products.

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